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1. Traffic Risk Prediction involved Children Pedestrains in Reading, PA

R; JavaScript; Google Cloud Platform

 MUSA Captone project   
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In the United States, children remains 20% of total 38,680 car crashes records in 2020, which facing a high risk of being involved in traffic accidents. This research project aims to address this issue by focusing on this vulnerable group and developing a precise model to identify potential risks and implement protective measures.

Crash Data Aggre gated on Census Tract Level and Road Segment Level
Variables Correlation Matrix   

Data Explorer by Census Tract ID   


Deployed a multilevel model account for hierarchical structure of individual crashes history and neighborhoods by modeling the variation in car crashes at each level, estimating the effects of predictors, and predicting the potential possibility on each road segment.


Data Pipeline

Leveraged Google Cloud Platform to ingest and process streaming data from PennDOT( Pennsylvania Department of Transportation ). By automating the data collection and analysis process, a data pipeline can provide real-time or near real-time insights into traffic patterns and risk factors. This can help transportation agencies and emergency services respond more quickly to accidents or other incidents.


Community economic status is strongly associated with child car accident rates. While the p-value of community-level variables in the linear model may not always meet traditional thresholds of statistical significance, the variance in the multilevel model suggests that a significant portion of the variation in car crash rates can be attributed to communitylevel factors.


• Constructed a model for smallsample, low-probability random events.
• Informed the development of specific interventions such as increasing the number of stop signs, widening walkways, and designing warning facilities tailored for child pedestrians.

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